In 2013, Created felt a burden to find a way to serve the unreached women in St.Pete. After a year of of connecting with the local churches of this cities and consistent prayer walks and drives through out the city, we felt as though God was calling us to finally step out in faith by befriending women on outreach. 

During one of the first outreach we met about eight women on the street. One in particular was very moved by the way our team had engaged her with no judgement, only gifts. She began told us her name was Mary and to share her story with us. She was in her young twenties and was 91lbs. She told us that tonight was her first night working on the streets, that she was very scared, and that she hadn't earned any food in 3 days. Our team bought her a meal at Wendys and began to talk with her about God's love for her. With tears in her eyes she admitted to being caught up with a much older "boyfriend"( is his 60's) who was letting her stay this place but with a cost. He was forcing her to prostitute on the streets even though she did not want to. After talking and praying with our team she decided that she refused to prostitute of the night and was going to stay at another friends house. We gave day her our number and told her to follow up with us as we would love to help her with anything- as well as provide space in our safe house for us. We never heard back from Mary and today I wonder where she is.As I pray for her I sense such sadness and grief for the abuse that she was enduring and hopelessness she felt. I think of the honor that it is to have seres her even for the half hour that we were able to- to show her the love, care, and compassion that jesus has for her. There are hundreds of women in the city of St.Pete who are in similar circumstances. If this were one woman's circumstance that would be such an injustice and tragedy, Sadly, the city of St pete has countless of these women who are looking for help and to know they are not forgotten. This is what we are trying to do in St Pete. Reach these vulnerable women to tell them of Gods perfect love and that we will help do whatever we can to see her safe, whole, and healed.