restoration. our mission

To restore vulnerable women involved in the sex industry to an understanding of their value, beauty and destiny by offering them a name, a place, a voice, and a new life in Jesus Christ.  

discipleship. a new life

We believe every woman should have the opportunity for a new life in relationship with Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we proclaim the good news of His kingdom and invite vulnerable women to become followers of Jesus.  We do this in a context of friendship, mentoring and communal encounters Gods Word. 

identity. a name

We believe every woman has been created in the image of God and as a result has innate dignity, beauty, creativity and sacredness.  We desire to walk alongside vulnerable woman as they are restored to their true identity as image bearers of the one true creator, God.

community. a place

Authentic relationships provide the context for nurturing spiritual growth.  We hope to provide safe places of meaningful community for vulnerable women where they can journey together toward healing, wholeness, and new life in Jesus.

advocacy. a voice

We believe God's image affords every woman the right to speak and be heard.  Therefore, we both advocate for and empower women to express themselves.  We do this through advocacy, offering life skills and partnership with other organizations in order to be a voice for change in the lives of sexually and relationally broken women and the systems that keep them bound to sexual exploitation.