Jillian Penhale, Director. 

Jillian has been serving as the Executive Director of Created since May of 2015. Before this transition she served on the Created Staff as the Residential Coordinator for 8 months, and as a volunteer on the Outreach Team for the last 4 years. Since receiving her Bachelors Degree for the University of South Florida in Sociology, Jillian went on the work for the nonprofit sector for 5 years before sensing a calling to join the Created team. During that time she also pursued and received her Masters in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida. She is passionate about seeing women empowered to stop the cycle of abuse in their families. She is also married to Paul and has two sweet boys. 




Joanna Diebel, Outreach Coordinator 



Jillayah Hodges, Created Care Coordinator.